Fit For Life International was founded in 1994 as a U.S. Corporation
governed by an international group of alternative
health care providers.

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Fit For Life International was established in 1994 as a United States corporation under the auspices of an international association of alternative health care providers, counsellors, and educators referred to as hygienic scientists and consultants. Their mission is to encourage natural self-healing through healthy living practices on a global scale for the good and overall well-being of humanity. Fit For Life wellness items, educational classes, and weight loss services help us accomplish this.

While Fitforlife sciences institute headquarters is currently located in Canada, the organization, as well as Fit For Life Sciences Institute and The College of Natural Health, are global in scope. We want to share the practical and comprehensive implementation of common sense’s fundamental values, and realities, as well as biologically sound living practices. Today, people worldwide will benefit from these approaches. You should enroll in one of our educational courses to gain a better understanding of alternative medicine.


To promote an understanding of the authentic principles and practice of Natural Hygiene, the science of natural health modalities, as a way of life, a business, a dynamic philosophy, a science and way of life for health and self-healing, as well as to provide genuine flexitarian options for those who might feel that a strictly vegetarian or vegan lifestyle approach to better health is too much to handle at the moment.

  • To serve as a global focal point for those interested in healthy living and the philosophical principles and awareness that underpin it, and
  • To campaign for, encourage, and endorse a raw-food, hygienic, plant-based diet as the optimal dietary lifestyle for human health evolution and the preservation/regeneration of our natural environment, and
  • To advance the creation of a sustainable, organic, living-raw-foods garden culture for human nourishment and the enhancement, replenishment, and healing of the Earth, and
  • To continue to cultivate the theory and practice of Natural Hygiene or healthy living, as well as to stay current on new information and understanding, as well as
  • To incorporate spiritual, emotional, social, and physical hygiene consciousness in order to optimize our capacity for wellbeing, enlightenment, and joy in living, and
  • To foster the education and professional growth of Natural Healthcare Consultants and Hygienic Scientist Practitioners capable of guiding and caring for individuals on their path to self-healing, and
  • To provide and promote both beneficial and sustainable market prospects in the areas of personal, technical facilitation of natural hygienic concepts, high-quality client counselling, weight loss systems, dieting protocols, exercise modalities, and natural hygienic health care principles.

Until now, the pioneers of Natural Hygiene have primarily concentrated on studying physiology, diet, fasting, the healing mechanisms of the body and its requirements, the medical-therapeutic model, and articulating a broad structure for comprehending the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. This has laid a solid foundation and established a broad framework of valid principles upon which to build a deeper understanding of mental hygiene, spiritual principles for health and enlightenment, and the social-environmental requirements of health. Fit For Life® International and Fit For Life® Sciences Institute are also committed to the ongoing development and promotion of hygienic health theory, research, education, diets, and lifestyles, as well as to the creation of numerous exciting business opportunities in these fields.

A holistic approach to our human and planetary health and well-being. Additionally, we are working to create more moderate principles that would inspire a greater number of people to strive for a healthy, more balanced lifestyle and dietary activities.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and will join us on the Fit For Life® journey to a more caring, happier, and healthier planet.



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